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Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP's) are university-trained allied health professionals. AEP’s are equipped with knowledge to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions for people with acute, sub-acute and chronic medical conditions, and those with injuries or disabilities.

Our AEP’s at RPT Health Group provide interventions for health and physical activity education, advice and support, and lifestyle modification which all focus on behavioural change and general well-being. We are recognised with Medicare Australia, the Department of Veteran's Affairs and WorkCover NSW, and by most Private Health Insurers.

Exercise Physiology includes:

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • NSW Workers Compensation

  • Rehabilitation Services

  • Weight Management Programs

  • Athlete and Sports Club Rehabilitation / Prehabilitation

  • Exercise for Pain Management

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Biomechanical and Movement Screening

To book an initial appointment with one of our AEP’s, you can have your GP make an EPC Referral or call our reception team directly.

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