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"I had 3 operations on my left knee 10 years ago when I was 22 and have never been the same since. I did a bit of physio initially and then bits and pieces over the years but not nearly enough to get my quad, hamstring and calf muscles back to where they should be. My main issue was staying motivated to doing the exercises. As a consequence of this chronic muscle wasting my performance on the sports field has been sub-par and I have developed a few other niggling problems too. I decided to try personal training with Jeremy and Paul and finally I am starting to see results. My quad and hamstring bulk are finally returning and my flexibility is sooooo much better. As a consequence my niggles are getting better, my performance on the sporting field is much better and mentally I'm much better. Seeing Jeremy on a weekly basis has given me that motivation to keep doing my strengthening exercises during the week and the more improvement I see the more motivated I become. He listens, changes things each week to keep it interesting and genuinely cares about your wellbeing and helping you reach your goals. I would recommend Jeremy, Paul and Jodie to anyone, especially those who have had big operations for their rehab. I just wish I'd started personal training with Jeremy 10 years ago!!!!"

Dr Tim Low – MBBS FRACGP BRecEc – Sports Doctor

"I loved that RPT didn't actually need me to articulate what I needed, they just seen how I moved and knew what I needed. Everyone has such a high level of knowledge and expertise, our exercises and programs are constantly changing, and we never turn up to something pre-structured - it adapts to how we are on the day. Our sessions are never dull and there is such a range of people in the gym and not just women or just men. There is a huge range of equipment, the environment is refreshing, and I love that there is always a real brightness - even early in the morning, the day was lifted by everyone arriving and turning up for their sessions.

I liked the commitment for developing a group of exercises and building on a sequence because after a period of time I seen purpose in the exercises. It's never predictable, the staff are beautiful and varied, and overall there is familiarity and enjoyment."

Joanna Basha

"I suffered a stroke eight years ago which caused left sided paralysis. I have been training with Jeremy weekly for the past five years and he has helped greatly with my rehabilitation and mobility. His training program has helped me achieve tasks such as kneeling on the floor and crawling with one arm which I thought wouldn't be possible following my stroke. He is always very professional and his caring and friendly nature makes his sessions enjoyable. Jeremy is a great personal trainer and I would happily recommend his business."

Maria Brouwers


“Faced with first hip replacement I thought I’d never be able to ride my bike again. Did the physio, but I knew I needed more help to get strong again. I needed to find, not just any trainer, but one who is careful and knows what he is doing with clients post surgery. After about 9 months I was able to start riding gently, gradually increasing time & distance, under strict instructions not to overdo it! Four years later I was up for surgery again. This time I kept up the training with Jeremy before & after and recovered so much faster. Currently, back enjoying riding again. I have found the training at RPT to be professional, targeted to my specific needs, challenging and encouraging, safe, caring and fun. Never boring! I highly recommend RPT for rehab after surgery or injury. Jeremy will get you back on your feet again. PS. My blood pressure is normal again too!"

Janet Norton

“I've been a client of Jeremy for a few years. I can't thank him enough for all he has done for me. Due to a work related injury I was in constant pain. Following surgery I was unsure what to do but noticed Jeremy working with his clients when I attended the Physiotherapist. I started to attend his classes and have never looked back. Jeremy is truly amazing and I am very grateful for all he has done for me. He is simply better than the rest xxxx".

Kate Lawrence

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